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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Understanding Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction and dependence is a disease that is characterized by patterns of drinking excessively despite the negative effects that alcohol is causing in many areas of a person’s life. Adolescents and adults who abuse alcohol will start to lose interest in things they used to enjoy and let responsibilities slip as it slowly takes over every aspect of their life. Eventually their whole day may revolve around obtaining, using, and recovering from alcohol. Despite all of the negative consequences piling up around them, they are unable to stop drinking.

As one of the best alcohol addiction treatment centers in Valdosta, we recognize the disastrous impact alcoholism can have on a person’s life. That is why we have developed treatment options specifically designed to address and treat the symptoms of this illness. We make it our goal to provide patients who are struggling with alcohol addiction and dependence the tools they need in order to overcome the grip that this substance has on their life. Greenleaf is a 113-bed rehab center in Valdosta, GA dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for adults and adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Helping a Loved One

How to Help a Loved One or Family Member Get Treatment

Having to deal with a loved one’s alcohol problem is not easy. One minute you may be overcome with feelings of anger and resentment about your loved one’s inability to stop and then the next minute you are completely engulfed with sadness. Additionally, there may be times when you feel like it would be easier to simply ignore the problem and pretend that nothing is wrong. However, by putting it off and not getting help right away, things will only get worse. Here are some suggestions that may help you talk to your loved one about their alcohol problem:

  • Educate yourself about alcoholism
  • Talk to your loved one about your concerns and offer them your help
  • Express your love
  • Do not expect your loved one to stop drinking without help
  • Support recovery as an ongoing process

Additionally, here are some things that you do not want to do when trying to help your loved one:

  • Don’t preach to them
  • Avoid emotional appeals that may only increase his or her guilt and compulsion to drink
  • Don’t cover up or lie for them and their behavior
  • Don’t take over their responsibilities or protect them from the consequences of their behavior
  • Don’t argue with your loved one
  • Don’t feel guilty or blame yourself

Why Choose Us

Why Consider Treatment for Alcohol Addiction at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital in Valdosta, GA

When adolescents or adults consume alcohol, it lowers their inhibitions and affects their thoughts, emotions, and judgment. Excessive drinking can lead to poor choices and dangerous situations or behaviors such as car accidents, increased likelihood of committing a violent crime, or domestic problems. Additionally, continued alcohol addiction will cause a number of health problems including liver disease, heart problems, bone density loss, and an increased risk of cancer. Since alcoholism is a disease, without proper care at a treatment center and support most individuals are not going to be able to quit drinking on their own. Those who are struggling with alcohol addiction need proper treatment and support in order to get sober.

Often times a treatment center that specializes in treating adolescents and adults who have substance abuse problems or addictions is one of the most promising options for successful recovery. Through our treatment center, individuals are removed from the stress of the outside world and any triggers that may cause them to drink. While in treatment for alcoholism at a rehab center, patients can work to get at the underlying reason that lead to their drinking and learn healthier ways of dealing with stressful situations. Additionally, our treatment center provide family therapy, which can help to address any familial dysfunction and get everyone on the same page for treatment.

Rehab Philosophy

Rehab Philosophy and Benefits

As one of the best alcohol addiction rehab centers in Valdosta, we recognize the long path to our door and the complications of life that occur along that path. It is our mission to accept the responsibility as the destination of that long journey. We are committed to giving 100% of ourselves in effort and training to become experts in our field. Our mission is to provide exceptional treatment in a safe environment, sending our patients from our treatment center onto the path to recovery.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options Offered at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital

Upon arrival to our alcohol addiction treatment center, each patient will complete an initial assessment that is designed to provide us will all of the information we need to develop a specialized treatment plan focused on each patient’s exact needs. Once the assessment is complete, it will be reviewed by one of our psychiatrists in order to confirm admission. All of our programs are designed to meet the individual needs of our patients through a comprehensive and compassionate approach, with treatment led by a team of highly trained psychiatrists and mental health professionals. Some of the treatment methods we use at our rehab center for the treatment of alcohol addiction and dependence include:

Detoxification: If you or your loved one is physically dependent upon alcohol, then the first step in our program is going to be detoxification. This is done to remove all toxic substances from your body. Throughout this process you will be continuously monitored to ensure your safety and we will try to make you as comfortable as possible.

Medication management: There are no specific medications used to treat alcoholism, however it may be used during detox in order to help control some of the symptoms of withdrawal. Additionally, it may be recommended that some of our patients take antidepressants or other psychiatric medications to help control the symptoms of disorders that commonly occur with alcohol addiction. All patients will meet with a psychiatrist daily for medication management.

Individual sessions are held on an as-needed basis at our rehab center and are a time where patients can meet privately with a therapist. These sessions can help you or your loved one address any painful emotions they may be struggling with and learn how to identify triggers that lead them to drink. Adolescents will receive more individual therapy sessions than adult patients.

Group sessions: Group therapy is held four times a day and includes a wide variety of topics. Some of the major topics included in group include stress management, anger management, effectively expressing emotions, communication, and life skills.

Family therapy: After an initial session is held upon admission, family therapy is held on an as-needed basis at our treatment center; patients in the adolescent program often have more family sessions. Additionally, family education is provided to those who have a family member in our treatment center, which can help provide loved ones with support and education about alcohol addiction and dependence.

Recreational therapy is held once a day, twice a day for adolescents, and provides individuals with the opportunity to participate in activities such as tennis, basketball, swimming, or gym time.

Depending upon your treatment plan you will likely participate in A.A. or N.A. meetings or have meetings with an outside therapist.

Continuing Care

Continuing Care and Levels of Treatment

As the time for your discharge from our addiction rehab center draws closer, you will work closely with your loved ones and treatment team to develop appropriate aftercare options. Some adult clients may choose to join our partial hospitalization program (PHP), which meets four hours per day. Engaging in PHP allows clients to work on their recovery during the day while returning to their communities in the evenings. Other clients are able to return home with referrals to community resources in Valdosta and traditional outpatient therapy. We also offer a weekly aftercare meetings for our clients to meet and discuss any challenges they are facing in their home life and with their recovery.

Our Client Experience

My husband's alcoholism got to the point where he started to become a shell of his former self. Only Greenleaf was able to break my husband free from his alcoholism.

– Diana F.
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