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Greenleaf Hospital provides effective treatment for men & women struggling with bipolar disorder. At Greenleaf, you can learn how to manage your symptoms to take back control.

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

Understanding the Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a serious, yet treatable mental illness in which a person suffers from extreme shifts in mood. From the highs of mania to the lows of depression, life with bipolar disorder can be a rollercoaster. During a depressive phase, a person may become sad, feel hopeless, and struggle to complete daily tasks. Alternately, a person who has bipolar disorder will experience periods of mania, or hypomania, in which he or she feels euphoric and may engage in risky behaviors such as spending sprees and unprotected sex. Bipolar disorder affects not just the individual, but his or her whole family. However, life with bipolar disorder does not have to be so chaotic.

As one of the leading mental health treatment centers in Valdosta, we offer a safe, structured environment for individuals who are struggling with behavioral health disorders, such as bipolar disorder, as well as for those who are suffering from chemical dependency. We offer hope to those who need it most and life-changing care to those we serve in a state-of-the-art center designed for recovery and healing.

Helping a Loved One

How to Help a Loved One or Family Member Get Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

If your loved one has been struggling with bipolar disorder, you are probably facing a number of challenges and emotions. The moods and behavior your loved one is experiencing may affect everyone in the family unit. During manic episodes, you may deal with reckless behaviors, outrageous demands, and aggressive outbursts. During depressive episodes, you may have to take care of many of his or her responsibilities. You know that your loved one needs help, but you may not know how to approach the subject without making it worse. Here are some tips for talking to your loved one about bipolar disorder:

Understand bipolar disorder: One of the most important ways you can advocate for your loved one is to understand both the symptoms of bipolar disorder and the treatment options available. This will help you learn more about his or her symptoms and why he or she behaves in the ways that he or she does.

Be understanding and patient: Your loved one is not behaving in ways to purposely make you feel frustrated or angry. Getting better takes time, and there are many bumps in the road. Make sure your loved one or family member knows that you will be beside him or her through every step of the journey.

Research treatment centers: There are a number of ways that bipolar disorder can be treated. Many people choose to start treatment in a bipolar disorder treatment center and then slowly step down to less intensive types of therapies. Offer to help your loved one find a treatment center that best suits his or her needs and offer to go to any appointments with him or her.

Why Choose Us

Why Consider Treatment at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital in Valdosta, GA

If you or a loved one has been struggling with bipolar disorder, the consequences can be devastating. Unwise financial decisions along with engaging in other risky behaviors can leave you or your loved one struggling to clean up the aftermath. While you or your loved one is in a depressive cycle, there may be feelings of worthlessness, sadness, and thoughts of suicide. Additionally, someone with bipolar disorder may have a hard time maintaining personal relationships, keeping a job, or adhering to tasks of daily living. If not properly treated, bipolar disorder can drastically decrease a person’s quality of life.

The care for bipolar disorder that is offered at our hospital can help adults learn the necessary skills to cope with the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Through our treatment center, individuals in Valdosta can stabilize his or her mood swings, and learn how to control them in the future. By working with a treatment team who specializes in bipolar treatment, individuals can develop a plan that meets all care needs. Proper medication can also be prescribed to assist the individual in managing his or her moods and prevent future negative behavior. Through inpatient treatment, those with bipolar disorder can achieve the life they want to live.

Treatment Philosophy

Treatment Philosophy & Benefits

As one of the top treatment centers in we recognize the long path a person must walk to get to our door, and we understand the complications that he or she may face along the way. It is our mission to accept responsibility as the destination of that journey. We offer one hundred percent of ourselves in effort and training to become leading experts in the field of mental health and chemical dependency. At Greenleaf, we make it our mission to provide exceptional treatment in a safe environment, sending our clients from our door onto the pathway of recovery.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options Offered at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital

When you first come to Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital for help with bipolar disorder, you will undergo a complete assessment process in order to determine the best ways to meet your needs during your stay with us. The results of the initial evaluation will be used to develop a treatment plan that will lay out your care for the duration of your stay. Some of the therapeutic methods available to you include:

Medication management: Medication is often considered to be the cornerstone of bipolar disorder treatment. Mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety agents, anti-depressants, and anti-psychotic medications are often used in some combination to help manage bipolar disorder symptoms.

Individual therapy: We hold individual sessions for clients on an as-needed basis to address symptoms that remain uncontrolled even after the usage of medications.

Group therapy: At our hospital, we hold group therapy sessions four times a day which cover a range of topics. Some of the topics that may be discussed during these group sessions include anger management, stress management, effective emotional expression, and life skills development.

Family therapy: At our treatment center we offer family therapy and family educational sessions to loved ones of those in our programs on an as-needed basis. These sessions may be held to discuss the impact bipolar disorder has had on the whole family, education about mental illness, and ways your loved ones can be helpful during your recovery.

Recreational therapy: We offer recreational therapy once each day for adults. Recreational therapy allows our clients the opportunity to engage in tennis, basketball, swimming, or time in the gym.

At Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital, we are also pleased to offer the following:

  • Meetings with outside therapists
  • A.A. meetings
  • N.A. meetings
  • Case management

Continuing Care

Continuing Care and Levels of Treatment

At Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital, we are proud to offer a variety of levels of care for our clients so that we are able to meet their ongoing needs. As discharge approaches, you will work closely with your treatment team to create an aftercare plan that assists you in sustaining lifelong recovery. We offer a partial hospitalization program (PHP) for adults that meets four hours per day. This outpatient service is designed to allow you to slowly reintegrate back into your regular life while continuing to work on healing. Some clients find that they have made enough progress through our inpatient services that they are able to return home with referrals to outpatient therapy and/or available community resources in Valdosta.

Our Client Experience

The staff at Greenleaf is amazing. They taught me how to manage my disorder so that I can live a happy life.

– Isabella
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