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Greenleaf Hospital provides effective treatment for men & women struggling with prescription drug addiction. At Greenleaf, you can learn how to achieve lasting sobriety.

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Understanding Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction

Most people are able to take prescription medications under the specific guidelines provided by the prescribing physician. Other individuals, however, become quickly addicted to the pleasurable effects that many prescription drugs provide. Like most substance addictions, prescription medication addiction is a chronic disease that results in compulsive drug use, despite the development of any negative consequences. The abuse of these medications can lead to significant disruption in the everyday lives of those who find themselves powerless to overcome their addiction as the use begins to affect their ability to practice self-control and make sound decisions. These people tend to find that many, if not all, aspects of their lives begin to suffer.

As one of the best prescription drug treatment centers in Valdosta, we recognize how difficult it can be to admit that a problem exists and then take the first step towards getting help to fight off the demon of prescription drug abuse and addiction. Therefore, we strive to provide all of our patients with the individualized care that they deserve in order to help them overcome the unique obstacles that they are facing. Our rehab center is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care in a safe and confidential setting as our patients successfully move forward on the road to full recovery.

Helping a Loved One

How to Help a Loved One or Family Member Get Treatment

If someone you love is addicted to prescription painkillers, you may feel a number of emotions, ranging from anger and frustration to sadness and guilt. You may be fearful of what the future holds for your loved one. Regardless of where you are in your emotional struggles, you know that your loved one needs help, and you know that you want to be there for him or her as the journey begins.

The following are some suggestions of “do’s” and “do not’s” when working with a loved one who is addicted to prescription drugs:


  • Offer your loved one unconditional support
  • Say something if you suspect prescription drug addiction without being judgmental or condemning; remember that addiction is a disease
  • Prepare yourself for denial or excuses by making a list of specific examples of your loved one’s behavior that concerns you so that you are prepared for the ensuing discussion
  • Care for yourself. You cannot fix someone who has an addiction or be able to offer your full support if you do not take time for yourself. Additionally, if you do not care for yourself, you may grow to resent your loved one, which will greatly hinder his or her recovery process.
  • Process your own emotions by finding a therapist and attending support meetings, such as Nar-Anon, which is a program dedicated to helping families of those addicted to drugs.
  • Encourage your loved one to seek treatment in an inpatient treatment center.

Do not:

  • Blame yourself for your loved one’s behaviors. You cannot force another person to change his or her ways.
  • Believe you can control your loved one’s decisions.
  • Punish, threaten, or bribe your loved one.
  • Engage in emotional appeals that increase the guilt your loved one already inherently feels and increase his or her desire to use more prescription drugs.
  • Make excuses for your loved one’s behavior. He or she must accept responsibility for the decisions that he or she made.
  • Take over his or her responsibilities.
  • Hide or throw away his or her prescription drugs.
  • Argue with your loved one when he or she is high or is in active withdrawal.

Why Choose Us

Why Consider Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital in Valdosta, GA

If you or your loved one is addicted to prescription drugs, it is likely that the negative consequences have begun to outweigh the positives. Doctors may have stopped writing prescriptions, causing the user to resort to “doctor shopping,” or visiting multiple doctors to obtain prescriptions. Interpersonal relationships and personal responsibilities may take a backseat to seeking out drugs, using, and recovering from the effects of use. More and more of the drug may be needed to achieve the same effects as one’s tolerance builds. Many people find that their body has become so accustomed to these drugs that if they stop using, they go through symptoms of withdrawal. You or your loved one do not have to continue to suffer.

Our treatment center combines detox, rehabilitation, and various therapeutic interventions which has been shown to be one of the best ways for a person to successfully recover from this debilitating problem. Many individuals who are addicted to prescription medications also have a co-occurring, co-morbid mental health disorder, such as depression, which requires treatment at the same time. Through our the rehab offered at our treatment center, adolescents and adults struggling with addiction will learn valuable strategies to overcome addiction, begin to work the 12-steps, and learn life skills needed to overcome addiction and begin treatment for any psychiatric concerns.

Rehab Philosophy

Rehab Philosophy and Benefits

At our treatment center, each member of our staff understands that there has been a long path that brings a person to our inpatient center to receive treatment. As the destination of that journey, Greenleaf is proud to accept responsibility and offer one hundred percent of ourselves as a leader in the field of mental health and chemical dependency treatment services. We are honored to provide exceptional rehab for those who come to us for help in a safe and secure environment, sending our clients from our door along the pathway toward personal growth and recovery.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options Offered at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital

When you first come to us for treatment, we will perform a thorough assessment to determine your exact needs. After the assessment, you will work with a personal treatment team to determine the best plan of care for your stay with us. Our highly qualified team of psychiatrists and mental health professionals provide the following therapeutic interventions:

Detox: In many instances, people who have become physically dependent upon prescription drugs may initially require treatment through our detox services. Lasting on an average of five to seven days, patients are monitored around-the-clock to prevent complications as our fully-trained staff works to safely and effectively rid one’s body of all substances. After the detoxification process, you will enter rehab to address the psychological components of addiction.

Individual therapy: This is a time for patients to work one-on-one with an individual therapist in order to help learn the skills necessary to continuously move forward in their recovery.

Group therapy: Group therapy has been shown to be helpful for people struggling with addiction. During these sessions, you will learn ways to process your emotions and develop skills for remaining sober. The topics covered in these group sessions include relapse prevention skills, beginning the 12-step program, identifying triggers, and developing recovery-based coping skills.

Family therapy: As family support is instrumental in helping people with addiction maintain their sobriety, we focus family sessions on ways addiction has impacted the family unit, as well as on ways that loved ones can help during the patient’s recovery. Additionally, our rehab offers family education for the family members of the patients at our treatment center.

Recreational therapy: Recreational therapy is held once a day for adults and twice a day for adolescents. This time provides patients with the opportunity to use our gym and pool facilities, as well as participate in activities such as tennis and basketball.

In addition, Greenleaf proudly offers the following:

  • N.A. meetings once per week
  • A.A. meetings twice per week
  • Case management
  • Meetings with outside therapists

Continuing Care

Continuing Care and Levels of Treatment

As the time for your discharge from our addiction rehab center draws closer, you will work closely with your loved ones and treatment team to develop appropriate aftercare options. Some adult clients may choose to join our partial hospitalization program (PHP), which meets four hours per day. Engaging in PHP allows clients to work on their recovery during the day while returning to their communities in the evenings. Other clients are able to return home with referrals to community resources in Valdosta and traditional outpatient therapy. We also offer a weekly aftercare meetings for our clients to meet and discuss any challenges they are facing in their home life and with their recovery. Greenleaf also offers weekly aftercare meetings, which allows former patients to come together to discuss any challenges that they may be having in returning to life post treatment.

Our Client Experience

I would fake a variety of illnesses to get prescription drugs. However, I started to fear for my life at one point, and got not only the help that I needed, but deserved at Greenleaf. Only Greenleaf was able to help me make a breakthrough, and for that, I am grateful to them.

– Jeffrey Z
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