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Greenleaf Hospital provides effective treatment for men & women struggling with synthetic marijuana abuse. At Greenleaf, you can learn how to achieve lasting sobriety.

Synthetic Marijuana Abuse Treatment

Understanding Treatment for Synthetic Marijuana Abuse

Synthetic marijuana has proven to be one of the most harmful substances of abuse in existence today. This drug, which is both illegal and not even close to being the safe alternative to traditional marijuana that it was originally portrayed as, can trigger a high that’s powerful and can bring about a variety of effects depending on its chemical makeup. If you have tried this drug and are now struggling to stop your use of it, you’re placing yourself in danger of experiencing several consequences that could put your mental health and life in jeopardy. In fact, it is likely that you’ve been unable to function at work, tend to your marriage or other important relationships, or been able to live a healthy and satisfying life because of the abuse of synthetic marijuana. Fortunately, your life doesn’t have to continue this way. You can overcome your synthetic marijuana dependency and become well again.

Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital, Valdosta, Georgia’s leading provider of mental health and substance abuse treatment, is uniquely prepared to offer you the treatment, resources, and support you need to leave the abuse of synthetic marijuana in the past. What makes our rehab center so special has to do with our commitment to providing adults with the services needed to truly recover from addictions to drugs like synthetic marijuana. Our staff of professionals is made up of men and women from various interdisciplinary backgrounds, which enables our patients to benefit from their expertise in a life-changing way. Therefore, if you have been looking for a treatment center that can help you win the war against a synthetic marijuana addiction, look no further than Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital. We are here for you.

Helping a Loved One

How to Help a Loved One or Family Member Get Treatment

Trying to maintain a healthy relationship with someone who is addicted to synthetic marijuana can be a challenging experience. You may never know what to expect when your friend or family member is under the influence, and you may not fully understand why your loved one won’t stop abusing this dangerous drug. However, as someone who cares about this person, you are in a uniquely powerful position to help your loved one become sober once and for all. By following through with the suggestions below, you can assist your friend or family member in starting the recovery process:

  • Devise a plan of action if your loved one is in need of medical attention due to his or her abuse of synthetic marijuana. When you are sure of when to call 9-1-1, you can be more confident in knowing to do so should the need arise.
  • Learn about synthetic marijuana and consult with addiction treatment professionals who can offer you insight into this type of substance abuse problem. In doing so, you may be able to understand what your loved one is experiencing.
  • Don’t hide or throw away synthetic marijuana or drug paraphernalia if you find it. This could anger your loved one, put a strain on your relationship, and cause him or her to resort to sometimes drastic measures to get more of the substance.
  • Talk to your loved one about treatment. If he or she is open to it, offer to help your loved one find a rehab program that can meet his or her needs.
  • Once your loved one is in treatment, it’s best to remain an active presence in his or her life. This is a great way to demonstrate your support.
  • Familiarize yourself with the recovery and coping skills that will help your loved one remain sober. Be sure to encourage him or her to use them.
  • Celebrate all recovery successes and be there to listen and process through any setbacks that occur. Your loved one will appreciate this greatly.
  • Remain patient as your loved one ventures through the process of becoming sober. It can take a long time, so continue to remind your loved one of the benefits of being drug-free.
  • Make sure that you practice good self-care and spend time doing things to rejuvenate yourself. You won’t be able to offer the quality support you want to if you’re burned out or overly stressed.

Why Choose Us

Why Consider Treatment for Synthetic Marijuana Abuse at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital in Valdosta, GA

The continued abuse of synthetic marijuana can cause significant damage to your mental and physical health. If you don’t engage in seeking rehab at a reputable treatment center that offers comprehensive care, you’re likely to remain trapped in the insidious cycle of synthetic marijuana abuse, develop a more severe addiction, or engage in polysubstance abuse in order to maintain your need to use drugs. Your mental health can also deteriorate, as it is common for those who abuse synthetic marijuana to struggle with psychosis and other various mental illnesses at the same time. Your job could be in jeopardy, your once-prized relationships can crumble, your earning potential will decrease, and you may require ongoing medical treatment if you don’t halt your abuse of synthetic marijuana completely. Luckily, our synthetic marijuana addiction treatment center can help you successfully recover.  

Our treatment center in Valdosta that offers comprehensive rehab services, provides the life-saving and life-changing care men and women need to end their abuse of synthetic marijuana and other dangerous drugs. Within our treatment center, you can receive around-the-clock support and effective interventions that can set the stage for a long-lasting recovery. You will also have access to deeply compassionate and dedicated staff members who want nothing more than to help you overcome your compulsion to abuse synthetic marijuana. In your search for high quality treatment that works, make sure to include inpatient rehab treatment so that you can embark on a transformative journey that can free you from the abuse of synthetic marijuana for the rest of your life.

Rehab Philosophy

Rehab Philosophy and Benefits

As one of the best synthetic marijuana abuse treatment centers in Valdosta, we recognize the long path that lead people to our door and the complications of life that have occurred along that path. It is our mission to accept the responsibility as the destination of that long journey. We are committed to giving 100% of ourselves in effort and training to become experts in our field. Our mission is to provide exceptional treatment and therapeutic programming in a safe environment, ultimately sending our patients from our door onto the road of life-long recovery.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options Offered at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital

Upon arrival to our rehab center, each patient will complete an initial assessment that is designed to provide us with all of the information we need to develop a specialized treatment plan that is focused on each patient’s exact needs. Once the assessment is complete, it will be reviewed by one of our psychiatrists in order to confirm admission. All of our treatment is designed to meet the individual needs of our patients through a comprehensive and compassionate approach, with treatment being led by a team of highly trained psychiatrists and mental health professionals. Some of the treatment methods we use at our rehab center for the treatment of synthetic marijuana abuse include:

Detoxification: If you or your loved one is physically dependent upon synthetic marijuana, then the first step at our treatment center is going to be detoxification. This is done to remove all toxic substances from your body. Throughout this process you will be continuously monitored to ensure your safety and we will do all that we can to make you as comfortable as possible.

Medication management: There are no specific medications used to treat synthetic marijuana addiction; however, they may be used during detox in order to help control some of the symptoms of withdrawal. Additionally, it may be recommended that some of our patients take antidepressants or other psychiatric medications to help control the symptoms of disorders that commonly occur with synthetic marijuana abuse. All patients will meet with a psychiatrist daily for medication management.

Individual therapy: Individual therapy sessions are held on an as-needed basis at our treatment center and are a time where patients can meet privately with a therapist. These sessions can help patients address any painful emotions that they are struggling with and learn how to identify triggers that lead to the abuse of synthetic marijuana.

Group therapy: Group therapy sessions are held four times a day and include a wide variety of topics. Some of the major topics discussed in these sessions can include stress management, anger management, effectively expressing emotions, communication, and life skills.

Family therapy: After an initial session is held upon admission, family therapy is offered on an as-needed basis at our rehab center. Additionally, family education is provided to those who have a family member receiving care in our treatment center, which can help provide loved ones with support and education about synthetic marijuana abuse and addiction.

Recreational therapy is held once a day and provides individuals with the opportunity to participate in activities such as tennis, basketball, swimming, or gym time.

Depending upon your treatment plan, you will likely participate in A.A. or N.A. meetings or have meetings with an outside therapist.

Continuing Care

Continuing Care and Levels of Treatment

As the time for your discharge from our addiction rehab center draws closer, you will work closely with your loved ones and treatment team to develop appropriate aftercare options. Some adult clients may choose to join our partial hospitalization program (PHP), which meets four hours per day. Engaging in PHP allows clients to work on their recovery during the day while returning to their communities in the evenings. Other clients are able to return home with referrals to community resources in Valdosta and traditional outpatient therapy. We also offer a weekly aftercare meetings for our clients to meet and discuss any challenges they are facing in their home life and with their recovery. Once a patient is discharged from our outpatient program, we hold an aftercare program every Thursday evening in order to check in on our patients’ wellbeing.

Our Client Experience

I got tired of regular weed, so I tried synthetic marijuana. When I noticed the effect it had on my physical and mental health, I had enough. After going through treatment at Greenleaf, I am now celebrating my first year of sobriety!

– Chad U.
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