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Treatment for Conduct Disorder

Understanding the Treatment for Conduct Disorder

Conduct disorder is a relatively common psychiatric condition that can begin in childhood and continue on into adulthood. The primary characteristics of conduct disorder include aggression, theft, vandalism, serious violation of the rules, violation of societal norms, and/or lying. It is important to note that individuals who have conduct disorder do not see their behaviors as problematic in any way, and those closest to him or her may also not realize that the longstanding pattern of symptoms are indicative of conduct disorder.

Because the symptoms of conduct disorder can elicit a great deal of adversity in a person’s life, it is very important for this illness to be identified, diagnosed, and treated as early as possible. While conduct disorder can bring about a great deal of upheaval, it is important to know that there is hope and help available at our leading treatment center in Valdosta for conduct disorder.

Our treatment center provides world class treatment for men and women who are struggling with the symptoms of conduct disorder, co-occurring mental health disorders, and/or chemical dependency issues. At our hospital, adults with conduct disorder are able to receive the supportive care they need to begin their journey to recovery and healing. Through a variety of therapeutic approaches, we help men and women learn the skills needed to live a life full of joy and happiness.

Helping a Loved One

How to Help a Loved One or Family Member Get Treatment for Conduct Disorder

If your loved one has conduct disorder, you may notice that his or her behaviors frequently violate the rights of others. And as someone who is concerned about this individual, you may feel as though there is little that you can do to help him or her. However, if you notice any of the following signs of conduct disorder, it will be helpful to speak with your loved one about the need for treatment and to research the options for care that can benefit your loved one:

Aggression to people or animals:

  • Initiates physical fights
  • Bullies, threatens, or intimidates other people
  • Has been physically cruel to people or animals
  • Forced another person into unwanted sexual activity

Deliberate property damage or destruction:

  • Fire-starting
  • Has broken into a building, car, or home
  • Deliberately damaged someone else’s possessions
  • Vandalism

Repeated violation of laws and/or rules and persistent lying to avoid consequences or to obtain tangible goods or privileges:

  • Cons other people to avoid obligations
  • Stolen valuable (or semi-valuable) items from another person
  • Shoplifting, breaking and entering, forgery
  • Has broken into someone’s house, car, or a building

If an important person in your life has been engaging in these behaviors in an ongoing pattern, it is best to help this individual seek proper, effective care at a treatment center that specializes in conduct disorder.

Why Choose Us

Why Consider Treatment at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital in Valdosta, GA

The strife that the presence of conduct disorder can elicit can be monumental and impact every facet of an individual’s life. If your loved one has conduct disorder, you probably feel the strife it is causing within the family dynamic. You may not know what to do or how to react to this person’s behaviors. Perhaps he or she is constantly getting into trouble with the law and is facing time in jail. You may even worry for your own safety and the safety of your other loved ones. If this is how you have been feeling, it is time to help your loved one get treatment.

Our treatment center can be one of the best ways for adults who have conduct disorder to begin learning how to successfully manage their symptoms. At our treatment center, men and women will receive the individualized attention they need to get help for conduct disorder in a safe, secure environment. Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital will also provide individuals with a chance to escape from the stresses of their daily live and, through a variety of medications and therapeutic techniques, begin to learn the skills needed to live happy and productive lives.

Treatment Philosophy

Treatment Philosophy & Benefits

As one of the top treatment centers for conduct disorder in Valdosta, we recognize that our clients have walked a long path before reaching our doors, facing a variety of complications throughout that journey. We have made it our mission to accept the responsibility as the destination of that journey and commit to giving one hundred percent of ourselves in effort and training in order to become experts in our field so that we can provide exceptional treatment and therapeutic programming in a safe environment. Our goal is to instill confidence in our clients so that they can walk out of our doors and successfully navigate the path to full recovery.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options Offered at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital

When a man or woman comes to Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital for care, he or she will first undergo a series of evaluations that are designed to help our staff understand his or her presenting problems and determine if he or she is struggling with any additional co-occurring concerns. After we obtain the results of these evaluations, we will work with the person to create a customized treatment plan that will guide him or her during his or her stay with us, ensuring that all of his or her needs and concerns are appropriately addressed.

Medication management: Depending upon an individual’s needs, treatment plans may include the use of medication. There is currently no medication specifically designed to treat conduct disorder, but there are various medications that may alleviate some of the symptoms a person is experiencing. The implementation of any medications will always be determined on a case-by-case basis, and any person who is prescribed medication will meet with a psychiatrist daily for medication management.

Individual therapy: Individual therapy sessions are held on an as-needed basis and are a time where clients can meet privately with a therapist. These sessions can help individuals learn how to more appropriately manage their anger and express their feelings.

Group therapy: Group therapy sessions are held four times a day and include discussions on a wide variety of topics. Some of the major topics covered in these group sessions include stress management, anger management, effectively expressing emotions, communication, and life skills.

Family therapy: After an initial session at the time of admission, family therapy is held on an as-needed basis. Additionally, education is provided to those who have a family member in our treatment center, which can help them learn more about ODD and the impact that the disorder can have on their loved one.

Recreational therapy: Recreational therapy is held once a day for adults and provides them with the opportunity to participate in activities such as tennis, basketball, swimming, or gym time.

In addition to standard therapies, at Greenleaf, we also offer a number of other types of interventions. These include:

  • A.A. meetings
  • N.A. meetings
  • Meetings with outside therapists (as appropriate)
  • Case management

Continuing Care

Continuing Care and Levels of Treatment

At Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital, we are proud to offer a variety of levels of care for our clients so that we are able to meet their ongoing needs. As discharge approaches, you will work closely with your treatment team to create an aftercare plan that assists you in sustaining lifelong recovery. We offer a partial hospitalization program (PHP) for adults that meets four hours per day. This outpatient service is designed to allow you to slowly reintegrate back into your regular life while continuing to work on healing. Some clients find that they have made enough progress through our inpatient services that they are able to return home with referrals to outpatient therapy and/or available community resources in Valdosta.

Our Client Experience

We are so glad we found Greenleaf! They helped our family learn how to support our son in the right way to cope with his disorder.

– Theo
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