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The Importance of Detox

The Importance of Detox for Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription medications have played a critical role in the healing process for many, and under the supervision of one’s physician, these substances can help alleviate discomfort and pain from physiological conditions of all kinds. Whether used to strengthen one’s physical or mental health, prescription medications can be a boost to well-being when used appropriately, and in some cases can be a lifesaving remedy.

Despite their many useful properties, prescription medications can still be misused by those seeking to self-medicate without the help of a doctor, or by those who wish to achieve a recreational high. Medications designed to alleviate moderate to severe pain for short periods of time are especially enticing as substances of abuse due to the fact that they produce feelings of calm and a euphoric high when used incorrectly.

Sadly, rates of prescription drug addiction continue to rise in many areas of the United States, and given the highly addictive nature of these substances, many will find overcoming a dependence upon them without professional help a difficult, if not impossible, task. Luckily, there are opportunities to rid one’s mind and body of prescription medications safely and in comfort. Quality treatment centers that offer detoxification, or detox, services provide the men and women who have become addicted to prescription medications an opportunity to achieve sobriety as they embark on their journey to recovery.

The Benefits of Detox

The Benefits of Detox for Prescription Drug Addiction

Research has shown that those who choose to engage with detox services are more likely to achieve sustained sobriety long after leaving treatment. But aside from this important long-term benefit, men and women who decide to attend a treatment center that offers detox will also be given the following immediate supports:

  • Treatment centers go to great lengths to ensure that the detox environment is substance-free. This means there will be virtually no access to substances of abuse for participants during their time there, thus removing the risk of relapse completely.
  • Detox participants will have access to a staff of medical and mental health professionals who understand the needs of a person who is withdrawing from prescription medications. Therefore, participants will be supported emotionally during this time, as well as medically monitored to ensure that the detox process is a safe one.
  • Addiction can be an isolating experience. But by choosing to engage with detox services, patients will not have to face the pain of withdrawal alone. Rather, they will be cared for in a safe and inviting environment, surrounded by experienced professionals.
  • Typically, detox participants are encouraged to engage with a variety of on-site therapies and treatments as they gain strength. Then, when they have completed the detox program, individuals can then seamlessly transition into another level of care. Without an interruption in support, the risk of relapse is greatly diminished during this important time.

There are many more benefits to seeking care at a treatment center that offers detox services, and to learn more about the specific services that may benefit you or a loved one. Therefore, we encourage you to connect with our treatment center.

Depending on one’s substance of choice, attempting to cease one’s dependence on a prescription medication can range from difficult and uncomfortable, to vastly unsafe. When a person attempts to stop using a substance of abuse after having become accustomed to having the substance in his or her system, the body and mind will react with painful withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, these symptoms can be easily quelled by ingesting the substance again, causing the cycle of addiction to continue and worsen. Over time, a series of failed withdrawal attempts can cause a host of health problems and physiological damages, and may make ending one’s substance abuse all the more difficult. Without the support of a quality program of care which offers detox support, it is unlikely that a prescription drug-dependent person will be able to achieve lasting recovery from his or her addiction.

Fortunately, help at our leading detox center in Valdosta is available.

If you or a loved one are suffering from a dependence on prescription medication, know that you can interrupt the cycle of chemical dependence, and reclaim control of your life. By choosing to heal at our treatment center, you will have access to detox services as part of an individualized plan of care designed to help you meet your specific goals for recovery. We will work with you or your loved one to ensure that you can rid your mind and body of substances of abuse safely, as you gather strength to progress on your treatment journey.

To learn more about detoxing at Greenleaf, or to hear details about any other aspect of our treatment, we hope that you will reach out to us at your earliest convenience. A prescription drug-free life can begin with a phone call today.

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I would fake a variety of illnesses to get prescription drugs. However, I started to fear for my life at one point, and got not only the help that I needed, but deserved at Greenleaf. Only Greenleaf was able to help me make a breakthrough, and for that, I am grateful to them.

– Jeffrey Z
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