The Best Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health Treatment & Detox Program in Valdosta, GA

Greenleaf Behavioral Health offers a leading inpatient treatment programs for teens & adolescents struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. Located in Valdosta, GA, Greenleaf provides the tools needed for lasting recovery.

Our Programming

Our Teen Programming for Mental Health Issues & Substance Abuse

Located in Valdosta, Georgia, Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital is the only private, acute care psychiatric facility in the area that serves both adult and adolescent clients. Greenleaf has an acute inpatient program specifically designed to meet the needs of adolescents & teens between the ages of 12 and 17 who are struggling with a variety of mental health disorders and/or substance abuse concerns.

At Greenleaf, we know that adolescence is hard enough without the complication of mental health issues or substance abuse problems, which is why our compassionate staff does all they can to support you and your child during this difficult time. In our teen mental health and substance abuse treatment program in Valdosta, we offer our adolescent clients the safety and structure needed to begin to heal and recover.

Specialized Care

Specialized Care for Adolescents

Each adolescent who is entrusted into our care will be given an individualized treatment plan to address specific concerns, including detoxification from drugs or alcohol, if needed. Our clients receive high-quality care that is implemented by a team of fully trained and experienced psychiatrists and mental health professionals. Group therapy sessions are held several times each day to help clients process their thoughts and feelings related to the crisis that led to hospitalization. Additionally, adolescents will attend individual therapy sessions on an as-needed basis, and will also engage in family therapy with their loved ones. Family education is also provided and will help loved ones understand more about the challenges their adolescent is facing and ways in which they can help.

At the time of discharge, adolescents and their loved ones will work closely with their treatment team to determine appropriate aftercare options to help the adolescent or teen continue their recovery.

Our Client Experience

The Greenleaf program is fantastic. After attending Greenleaf, I feel like my life is back on the right track.

– Leo
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Marks of Quality Care
  • The Joint Commission (JCAHO) Gold Seal of Approval