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Treatment for Teen Benzo Addiction

Understanding Treatment for Teen Benzo Addiction

Teens who struggle with both mental illness and substance abuse have many obstacles to overcome. Furthermore, when the drug of choice may be something that a youth needs in order to cope with a mental health disorder or medical condition, the trials and tribulations faced can be especially challenging. Benzodiazepines are substances that are often misused by young people that treat such mental health issues and can cause the development of an addiction. Therefore, if your teen is battling such concerns, it’s a good idea to consider getting him or her professional treatment. By seeking combination mental health and addiction services, your son or daughter can learn to manage his or her mental health disorder(s) and defeat a benzodiazepine addiction problem before it becomes more serious.

Conveniently located in Valdosta, Georgia, Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital is pleased to offer your teen the effective rehab needed to heal from mental illness and overcome a benzodiazepine addiction. Our staff is expertly trained to work with young people and our inpatient programming features only time-tested and evidence-based interventions that can positively transform your son or daughter’s life. We have treated countless adolescents who required comprehensive treatment for both mental health and benzodiazepine use issues, and we welcome the opportunity to work with your child and your family to make your teen’s life better. Call us today to help your adolescent become well again.

Helping Your Teen

Helping a Loved One or Family Member Get Treatment

If your teen is struggling with a mental disorder, like depression or bipolar disorder, at the same time as an addiction to benzodiazepines, then you’re probably feeling several emotions at this time. Also known as benzos, these medications can be enticing to abuse because of the effects they bring on, yet you know better and are realizing how this type of problem is adversely affecting your child’s life. Rest assured, however, as there are treatment options available that can both heal your teen’s mental illness symptoms and free him or her from the grips of benzo addiction.

To help your child begin his or her healing and recovery journey, please consider the following:

  • Speak to our treatment center in Valdosta to learn more about the options available to your teen. Be sure to ask about services that designed to treat both mental health and benzo addiciton issues.
  • Learn about the admissions process at our teen rehab center. Schedule an assessment and prepare to offer up information about your teen’s concerns so that his or her treatment experience will be successful.
  • Prepare your teen for treatment. Answer any and all questions that he or she may have and address any worries that may be present.

Once your child is engaged in treatment at our center, make sure that you also do the following:

  • Be available to discuss your child’s care with his or her treatment provider.
  • Be open to recommendations given to you and ask any questions that you have about the methods of care that are recommended.
  • Be present for any family therapy sessions or meetings that are scheduled. Be an active participant during these sort of gatherings so as to maximize the care your child is receiving.
  • Be an ongoing source of positive support for your teen. Encourage him or her to practice coping and recovery skills and advise him or her to set goals for when he or she returns home.
  • Learn how you can support your teen once he or she comes back home. Your child’s treatment providers can give you some great ideas for how to do this.

Lastly, as a parent or guardian of a teen receiving treatment for a mental health and benzodiazepine addiction problem, make sure you seek your own help and support when needed. It’s just as important to take care of yourself as you do what’s best for your child.

Why Choose Us

Why Consider Treatment at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital

Youth who grapple with untreated mental health issues and a benzo addiction need their parents or guardians to intervene and get them the rehab they need. Therefore, if your teen is battling these issues, you must act now to help him or her get the treatment required to become well. Failing to do so can leave your child vulnerable to a whole host of adverse effects. Your teen can experience a worsening of his or her mental disorder symptoms, the onset of new illnesses, and a variety of physical health issues that could be long-lasting. Additionally, your teen’s ability to be successful in school and achieve to his or her potential is bound to be compromised, his or her relationships with you and his or her peers could become damaged, and once-important priorities are likely to be forgotten. Because of the consequences associated with continuing to struggle with these sorts of problems, it’s wise to seriously consider professional treatment for your child. In doing so, you’ll be making a life-changing decision that can positively affect your child’s life for the long-term.

There are many treatment options available that claim to be the most effective at helping youth heal and overcome mental health and benzo addiction concerns. What is important to know, however, is that no other option for care is more effective than inpatient treatment. While in inpatient care, your teen will be in a safe environment that is conducive to healing. Staff who are on-hand 24/7 will offer your teen the support he or she needs, and there are a myriad of transformative interventions that can help your teen progress in an amazing way. Inpatient care is also a beneficial step to take before partaking in lower levels of care, as your teen will acquire the skills and confidence required to effectively manage his or her issues in a healthy manner. In sum, if you’re looking for the type of treatment that will afford your teen with every advantage to living a healthier life, locate and schedule an assessment at a provider of inpatient treatment today. It’ll be the best decision you make for your teen.

Types of Adolescent Treatment

Types of Treatment Offered at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital

Licensed to operate 113 beds, our leading teen benzo treatment center in Valdosta offers mental health and substance abuse treatment for people of all ages. This world class hospital is where individuals young and old, can access the resources and support they need to heal from mental health concerns and substance abuse issues.

Included in our broad range of services is a high quality adolescent inpatient treatment that offers rehab for mental disorders and substance use problems for young people between the ages of 12 and 17. Within this invaluable treatment center, young people work with an incredible staff of professionals who are highly trained in working with young people who are battling such issues. Our treatment also only uses time-tested treatment protocols so that each parent or guardian who entrusts their child’s care to us can rest assured that he or she will be receiving excellent treatment.

After a youth’s needs are assessed during the streamlined admissions process, a personalized treatment plan is created that will outline the interventions and methods of care needed to treat the concerns that are plaguing the young person most. This high level of customization ensures that any and all treatment goals established will not only be reached, but exceeded while a teen is at our treatment center. Among the types of interventions offered, the following are those that can be included in a teen’s plan of care:

Detoxification services: Because some substances of abuse must be cleared from an individual’s body before engaging in therapeutic treatment, Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital offers detoxification services, or detox. Young people who come to us dependent on benzos or another substance may be recommended for detox services so that they can engage in our other treatment options with clearer mindsets and healthier bodies.    

Medication management services: Teens who begin treatment at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital in order to overcome a benzodiazepine addiction will be assessed to determine if there is a need for medication in order to treat the symptoms of an existing mental health concern. When indicated, the youth will then meet with our staff psychiatrist to decide the type of medication that is needed, and then our mental health team will monitor the effectiveness of any medication given for the duration of the young person’s care.

Individual therapy: An addiction to benzos can cause a person to detach from his or her emotions. For this reason, the rehab for teens we offer at our treatment center includes individual therapy sessions on an as-needed basis. These sessions can serve as a time to process feelings, emotions, past experiences, and goals for the future so that the continued abuse of benzos or other substances can be avoided.

Group therapy: As the leading treatment center in Valdosta, we firmly believe that the teens we care for can benefit greatly from being able to offer and receive support from one another. Group therapy sessions, which are offered multiple times per day, allow teens to heal and recover from benzodiazepine addiction alongside others who may also be struggling with similar concerns. Among the topics covered during these sessions, the following are those that teens can discuss with other youth under the supervision of our staff:

  • Stress management
  • Life skills
  • Effectively expressing emotions
  • Communication skills
  • Anger management
  • Addictive behaviors and triggers

Experiential therapy: Much can be gained when a person is able to heal in both mind and body while working to overcome an addiction to benzos and/or other harmful substances. At our treatment center, we offer teens the opportunity to partake in physical fitness activities so that they can reap the benefits of being active while engaging in other forms of therapeutic care. Additionally, we also provide supervised art projects that are designed to help young people tap into their creative side and express themselves via alternative mediums.

Family therapy: So as to help teens and their families heal, we are pleased to include family therapy sessions on an as-needed basis at our rehab center so that the teens we treat and those closest to them can become a united front against benzo addiction. These sessions are led by members of our dedicated staff, and can be a time to process what has been happening within the family unit and grow as a supportive, collective whole that will further empower teens to avoid the use of benzos going forward.

Family education: Understanding what caused one’s child to turn to the use of benzodiazepines can be difficult for some parents and legal guardians. In addition, it can also be confusing to determine how one can help a youth refrain from the ongoing use of benzos even after treatment is sought. For these reasons, Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital provides families with educational opportunities during which they can:

  • Become aware of the best means of support that can be used to help with their child’s recovery
  • Gain an education on substance abuse, including its impact on behavior, emotions, and brain chemistry
  • Receive the resources needed to help their teen avoid further benzodiazepine use

Discharge planning: For the duration of a teen’s care at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital, we aim to instill the skills, confidence, and hope needed for remaining benzo-free. However, regardless of this mission, we realize that those we care for need to have tangible resources and services available to them after leaving our hospital in order to continue their treatment success. Because of this, we begin planning for each young person’s discharge from the moment they are admitted, and we formulate thorough aftercare plans that are designed to help teens continue their healing journeys. Much like our treatment planning process, we consider the needs of each youth and devise a plan of action that will support a benzodiazepine-free future through recommendations for additional resources and services.

In choosing our teen benzo addiction treatment center as the place in Valdosta to help your child break free from a benzodiazepine addiction problem, you and your teen will become part of our healing community and gain the care, support, and resources needed to help your child become well again. As was previously mentioned, we create detailed discharge plans for those who come to Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital for treatment so that they are able to thrive once they return home. Part of these plans can include participation in our own partial hospitalization program (PHP) or intensive outpatient program (IOP) as the follow-up services that will benefit teens who have completed inpatient treatment with us.

If your son, daughter, or other close loved one is in need of superior care to defeat a benzo problem, look no further than Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital. Our staff of superior professionals is excited to help your teen realize a better life, and we look forward to helping you access the resources needed to help your family heal.

At Greenleaf, a healthier tomorrow can begin today.

Our Client Experience

I got hooked on benzos after being prescribed it to treat my pain post-surgery. I admitted myself to Greenleaf Hospital and I have no regrets. I am now about to celebrate my fifth year of sobriety and am forever grateful for having my old life back.

– Nick R.
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