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Teen ADHD Treatment

Understanding the Treatment for Teens with ADHD Disorder

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, otherwise known as ADHD, is a mental health disorder that can be characterized by inattentiveness, hyperactivity, or a combination of these two behavioral issues. Teens who grapple with untreated ADHD often experience a great deal of disruption at school, frequently being unable to following directions, sit still quietly, or focus on what their teachers are saying in class. Furthermore, within a child’s own home, teens with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder often find themselves in trouble with their parent(s) or guardian(s) because of what seems like a disregard for rules of conduct. Because of these types of disruptions, and the greater likelihood that these young people will experience problems functioning well in their communities, it is important for them to receive effect treatment.

At Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital, we understand the impact that untreated ADHD can have on the lives of young people, and we aim to help them learn to manage their symptoms in a more effective manner. Our world class care and devoted staff have been able to help countless teens manage their ADHD symptoms, and we are confident that we can help your child do the same.

Helping Your Teen

Helping Your Teen Get Treatment

Having a child who is struggling with the symptoms of ADHD can be a troubling experience for a parent or legal guardian. If your son or daughter is grappling with this mental disorder, then you are likely aware of how his or her behavior is being affected, and how his or her academic pursuits are potentially being negatively impacted because of this illness.

As your child’s greatest advocate, there are numerous things that you can do to help your teen get the help that he or she needs. Please consider the following:

  • Learn all that you can about ADHD. You can read about the disorder or speak to a mental health professional in your community. Regardless of how you give yourself an education on this condition, be sure that your sources are reputable and that you are paying special attention to the signs, symptoms, and effects of ADHD.
  • Talk with your teen about how he or she is doing and feeling. Your son or daughter can shed light on this disorder and give you insight into his or her daily experiences.
  • Research options for care that are specific to your child’s needs. It is especially beneficial to consider treatment options that are designed to meet the needs of teens with ADHD.
  • Speak with your child about the need for treatment and convey your concerns. Be sure to conduct this conversation with empathy and compassion, and encourage your child to take a proactive role in learning to manage his or her ADHD symptoms.
  • Once your child is engaged in treatment, it is important that you, as his or her parent or legal guardian, remain active in his or her care. If there are family sessions or educational opportunities, be sure to attend them. By being present during your child’s recovery journey, you will be demonstrating your support for him or her.

Lastly, it is important that you seek support of your own during this time. Whether it be professional help in the form of therapy with a mental health professional, or talking about your experiences with a close friend or loved one, parents and legal guardians need to practice good self-care in order to be healthy for their child or children.

Why Choose Us

Why Consider Treatment at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital in Valdosta, GA

Unfortunately, if a teen does not receive proper professional care to learn to manage the symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, the outcomes could be quite detrimental to the young person’s future. Academic endeavors could be thwarted due to behavioral disturbances at school or an inability to focus and learn when class is in session. A youth’s social life can be impacted, as making friends could become difficult if ADHD symptoms are severe. A teen’s relationships with loved ones at home could become strained, especially if the young person appears to struggle when it comes to abiding by rules in the home. Furthermore, young people who are left to manage untreated ADHD symptoms on their own are vulnerable to experimenting with substances, having interaction with law enforcement, and developing other mental health concerns if care is not sought. For these reasons, it is imperative for a teen to begin effective treatment in order to learn to manage ADHD symptoms.

Types of Treatment

Treatment Options for Teens Offered at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital

Located in Valdosta, Georgia, Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital is a pioneering provider of world class mental health and substance abuse treatment for individuals of all ages. Since treating its first client, this 113-bed center has offered a supportive and caring environment in which teens, men, and women can come to heal and grow into healthier and more productive beings.

At Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital, we understand how difficult adolescence can be when a mental health condition is present. For this reason, we are proud to offer acute inpatient programming for teens between the ages of 12 and 17. When engaged in this invaluable program, young people benefit from compassionate support from our staff and time-tested therapeutic interventions that are proven to help teens successfully manage mental health and substance use concerns. Additionally, each teen is afforded highly personalized care in the form of individualized treatment planning that takes into account each young person’s needs and goals for treatment.

Once the streamlined admissions process is complete, our staff will determine the methods of care that can best address the treatment requirements of the youth. Once done, the teens treated at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital will then experience a blend of the following effective interventions:

Medication management services: Teens who come to Greenleaf for the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder may require pharmaceutical intervention in order to stabilize and more effectively manage their symptoms. When this is the case, our expertly trained psychiatrists will work closely with each teen and his or her parent(s) or legal guardian(s) so that it can be conclusively determined if medication is necessary. These same staff members, along with the other mental health professionals at Greenleaf, are able to monitor the administration and effectiveness of any medication prescribed so that each young person who receives this type of care will experience the most favorable treatment outcomes.

Detoxification services: For some teens, substance use concerns are present at the same time as ADHD. Because of this fact, we are pleased to offer detoxification services so that harmful substances of abuse can be cleared from teens’ bodies in order for them to progress in their healing processes. Detoxification is a closely monitored service, as the health and wellbeing of the adolescents we treat are our top priority.   

Individual therapy: Since each teen we treat is a unique person, with varying strengths, needs, and treatment initiatives, we purposefully include individual therapy in the care available to young people needing treatment for ADHD. During individual therapy sessions, teens will be able to meet with a member of our staff so that they can talk about concerns that they may not feel comfortable discussing in a group setting, process their past experiences and how they are doing in treatment, and work to establish goals for the present and future. These sessions are scheduled on an as-needed basis and can be monumentally helpful for the young people entrusted into our care, as they enable teens to receive the individual attention they deserve.

Group therapy: A great deal can be gained when one is able to receive encouragement and support from others who are grappling with similar concerns. At Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital, the treatment we offer teens includes daily group therapy sessions so that each young person is able to experience peer support, practice coping skills, and process through their feelings and emotions with other teens who may have experienced similar struggles. When a youth comes to us battling attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, these sessions can be integral in helping him or her develop the confidence needed to heal and become well again. Among the topics covered in group therapy sessions, the following are those that are commonly featured:

  • Addictive behaviors and triggers
  • Anger management
  • Communication skills
  • Effectively expressing emotions
  • Life skills
  • Stress management

Experiential therapy: At Greenleaf, we recognize the importance of remaining active and creative beings while working towards healing from ADHD. Given this fact, we are proud to offer recreational and creative opportunities to the teens we treat so that they can experience healing on all levels. Depending on each teen’s needs, we facilitate physical fitness activities and creative art projects that are supervised by the dedicated staff who are providing treatment at our hospital.

Family therapy: We have found that the young people we treat tend to thrive and experience more favorable treatment outcomes when they have positive support from the individuals who are closest to them. For this reason, our adolescent programming includes family therapy sessions with a member of our compassionate staff. As a teen learns to manage the symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, he or she also learns to rely on the support of loved ones, and family members are given the support and guidance for how they can best help the young person once he or she returns home. Family therapy sessions are also designed to help mend the emotional wounds of the past so that the family unit can move forward as a united front.  

Family education: For the parents and legal guardians of teens struggling with ADHD, it may be confusing to know what exactly to do to help someone grappling with this type of mental health concern. For this reason, we offer parents and legal guardians support and guidance in the form of education while their children are in our care. During family education opportunities, our staff will do the following:

  • Inform those closest to our clients on how to best support their child during and after treatment is complete
  • Explain the effects of mental illness on their children’s emotions and behavior
  • Provide them with the resources needed to help their children thrive long after leaving Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital

Discharge planning: At Greenleaf, we strive to improve the lives of all we treat and arm them with the confidence and skills needed to be healthier. Each teen who is treated for ADHD benefits from the aforementioned methods of care, and is also afforded a thorough discharge plan so that he or she can continue to be successful in managing his or her attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms. Discharge planning at Greenleaf is an ongoing process that aims to address each teen’s barriers to wellness, and attempts to put resources in place so as to ensure that a life of improved mental health is achieved.

Once a teen has successfully completed our acute inpatient program, he or she may be recommended to participate in a lower level of care so that his or her healing journey can continue. Depending on the recommendations set forth in the youth’s discharge plan, Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital offers both a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP). These two outpatient treatment options are designed to help teens working to manage the symptoms of ADHD slowly transition back into their communities by providing them with the additional services needed to become well again.

As a leading provider of mental health and substance abuse treatment, Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital is pleased to offer the high quality care teens need to address, process, and manage such concerns. We firmly believe that we can help your child learn to better handle the symptoms of ADHD, and we look forward to providing you with the support you need to help this special person in your life. If you would like to learn more about Greenleaf, our treatment methods, how we can help your child, or to begin the process of admissions, feel free to contact us at your convenience.

At Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital, we are uniquely prepared to help your teen build the foundation for a healthier future.    

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