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Greenleaf Hospital provides effective treatment for men & women struggling with psychosis. At Greenleaf, you can learn how to manage your symptoms to take back control.

Treatment for Teen Psychosis

Understanding the Treatment for Teen Psychosis

A state of psychosis occurs when a teen or adult experiences a sense of detachment from reality that is not the result of drug use or a health complication. Common signs of psychosis include visual or auditory hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that aren’t there) or delusions (false beliefs).

Brief psychotic episodes can result from acute trauma or stress and can be resolved in time. But the presence of psychosis can also indicate a serious mental illness like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Greenleaf is uniquely equipped to support teens and families who are experiencing symptoms of mental illness, including psychosis. Our treatment programming offers the age-appropriate interventions your teen needs to heal.

Helping a Loved One

How to Help a Teen in Your Life Get Treatment for Psychosis

If a teen in your life is suffering from a mental illness that causes them to experience psychosis, you may feel unsure of what to do to help. Additionally, you may be dealing with your own feelings of fear or frustration as you see how much they are struggling. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Take the time to learn all that you can about mental illness and psychosis so that you can better understand what your teen is going through.
  • Always accompany them to appointments and doctor’s visits.
  • Tell your teen that you are there to listen if they want to talk.
  • Plan family activities together.
  • Encourage your teen to remain in close contact with family and friends, preventing social withdrawal and isolation.

Why Choose Us

Why Consider Treatment at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital in Valdosta, GA

Experiencing a psychotic state can be highly distressing for teens and adults alike. Feeling a loss of control and a loss of connection with reality can put affected teens in a vulnerable state that could compromise their safety and well-being. Left untreated, the mental illnesses associated with psychosis will typically worsen over time, meaning that psychotic episodes may increase in frequency and duration.

Fortunately, the comprehensive treatment programming at Greenleaf can help. Our services are tailored to each teen we treat, and our staff is trained to support individuals and families who have experienced the pain of psychosis. With our help, a teen in your life can learn to manage their symptoms, gain a strong foothold in recovery, and look forward to continued progress and a bright future.

Treatment Philosophy

Philosophy and Benefits

At Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital, we understand the tumultuous path that teens who are struggling with psychosis have likely walked. When these teens come to our treatment center, we work hard to make sure that they can learn the skills needed to lead a life filled with joy and happiness. By using a multidisciplinary team of specialists and experts in the fields of mental health and chemical dependency, we are able to offer every teen an individualized plan of care that addresses all of their needs. Each day, we put 100 percent of ourselves into providing exceptional treatment and therapeutic interventions in a safe, serene environment.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options Offered at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital

When teens come to our hospital to seek treatment for mental health conditions and associated psychosis, our multidisciplinary team will work to fully assess all of their specific treatment needs. Once an intake assessment is complete, it will be reviewed by our psychiatrist for admission approval and then used to develop a master treatment plan. Our programs are designed to provide teens with a comprehensive and compassionate approach to care, led by a team of highly trained psychiatrists and mental health professionals. Some of the treatment methods we use here at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital include:

Medication management: Some teens have found that certain types of medication are helpful for symptom management when they are suffering from psychosis. Any and all medication decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis and will be closely monitored for effectiveness.

Individual therapy is offered as needed and can help you work through your feelings and develop more constructive ways of processing the trauma you have experienced.

Group therapy is available four times each day at our treatment center and can include a wide range of topics related to mental health. Topics that may be discussed during these group sessions include anger management, stress management, life skills, effective emotion management, and communication skills.

Family therapy is offered on an as-needed basis and can be a great way to reconnect with loved ones. It can also serve as a time for family members to learn about psychosis, the treatments their teen is receiving, and how they are doing in recovery.

Recreational therapy provides opportunities to participate in activities such as tennis, basketball, swimming, and gym time.

Additionally, at Greenleaf, we are proud to offer a number of other types of interventions, including:

  • Case management
  • AA meetings
  • NA meetings
  • On-site meetings with outside counselors (as needed)

Continuing Care

Continuing Care and Levels of Treatment

At Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital, we make discharge planning a part of each stage of the treatment process. As a teen’s time with us comes to a close, they have a clear, thorough plan in place that outlines recommendations and next steps. We want teens to continue to build on the success they achieve at Greenleaf and to live a life of sustained recovery. As discharge approaches, we work with the teen, their family, and outpatient providers to ensure a seamless transition back to home and school.

Our Client Experience

The staff at Greenleaf was incredible with my daughter.

– Isaac
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